Life is a process. Change takes time. Achieving goals takes work. Happiness takes patience. Human connection eclipses all. Learning to understand things like this is the ultimate form of progress.

And maybe that’s the purpose of life. We spend so much time searching for something that, in all likelihood, will never be found. Perhaps its elusiveness is trying to teach us something – teach us that we will be lost if we actually find whatever it is we are looking for, like a dog chasing cars. If we have it, then what will drive us forward? What will motivate progress? Maybe it’s the quest for this ambiguous treasure that keeps us moving.

Without this light at the end of the tunnel, we wouldn’t know where we were going. We wouldn’t know forward from backward, and we’d stumble from wall to wall. But since we have this light to guide us in the right direction, we can set our sights on whatever it is we want, and push onward.

Sometimes, the tunnel seems endless, and maybe it is. Maybe the light at the end is like a star, and there is a chance it’s already burnt out by the time we see it. But life is not about the end result; it’s about the way we get there. The way we progress.

For so long, I’ve been waiting for something – anything – to happen. Some type of epiphany. Some light bulb to switch on in my head, providing me with all of the information I need to be happy. To tell me what I’m going to do to change the world, how I’m going to make money, meet a girl, and provide a satisfying life for my family.

Every time I experience something out of the ordinary, I immediately misinterpret it as a sign. This is called “pareidolia.” I think that somehow the experience is important, and it must mean something in the grand scheme of things.

But life is a process. Events don’t transpire like in the movies. One fortunate or unfortunate experience doesn’t always lead to a sudden realization of what our purpose is in life. There are no “signs” that steer us any which way. There will be no inspirational background music when I am sitting under a tree and an apple falls on my head. There is no “eureka” moment when it comes to finding purpose.

Instead, I believe life is a series of events and experiences that lead us to different paths – ever-changing paths that causality can only begin to explain. I believe that life is a multitude of random, meaningless experiences that only together add up to something valuable. Life is almost like a puzzle, except we don’t even get the picture on the box to work off of. We never get to see the finished product because there is no finished product. Every singular experience is a piece that carries no significance alone; but together with other experiences, forms a masterpiece that is always growing, always progressing. A masterpiece that appears more complete yet more incomplete every time we place a piece.

Life is a process. Our purpose is to make this world a better place than it was when we got here. Progress.


2 thoughts on “Apophenia

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