All Jokes Aside

I joke around a lot. It’s just something I do. Even in the most difficult situations, I look for a laugh to lighten the mood. I firmly believe you can find a way to laugh at anything. When I was younger, all of my teachers used to tell me that I was too serious all the time, and that I needed to loosen up a bit. Well, I did.

Perhaps too much.

Sometimes, I feel like people don’t take me seriously when I’m actually trying to be serious. Sure, I’m being sarcastic a heavy majority of the time, and laughing with/at me is the appropriate response more often than not. But I can be serious, too.

I’m not just a nonstop joke machine. Sometimes, I enjoy thinking and engaging in actual conversation. I have interests such as movies, television, sports, music, girls. (Girls? Really?) Girls. And this just in – I like to write. I’m kind of good at it, and something about sharing my ideas makes me feel like I’ve achieved something, or at least that I’m working towards something. (What that “something” consists of is a completely different issue. I should probably take some time to figure that out, though.)

My point is that I actually do care about stuff. Things bother me. I get upset when something doesn’t go my way, and I can have a bad temper sometimes. Also, just because I’m joking around doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m laughing on the inside. That’s right – I have an “inside.”

Sometimes, making a joke serves as a defense mechanism for me when I feel uncomfortable in a situation, or when I’m holding back my feelings. (Feelings? Really?) Yep, I have those, too.

I can be sensitive. I love puppies. Cuddling is fine by me, and I enjoy some romantic comedies and chick flicks. I feel pain, physical and emotional. If something is bothering me, yes I would like to talk about it.

I constantly have people – even people who know me extremely well (like “basically-have-seen-me-naked” well) – laugh at me when I’m being absolutely serious. The problem I run into is that I begin to laugh at the fact that they thought I was joking, and then they don’t believe me when I again claim that I was dead serious. It’s tough to have legitimate conversations this way. It sucks being this funny.

But such is my life.

All I ask is that everyone take my word for it when I say I’m not joking. I want to be taken seriously as an adult as well. I can do adult things like go to the bank and do laundry. I can even wrap my Christmas gifts with minimal tape. And I voted this year. BOOM, adulthood.

All of that being said, I would love it if people knew when I was joking. My biggest pet peeve is when I come up with something hysterical out of nowhere and you don’t get it. That’s ridiculous. You should always just assume I’m joking and laugh accordingly. Because by the time I explain the joke to you and you understand it, it’s not as funny as it was when I originally said it. And everyone knows timing is everything.

That being said, don’t always assume I’m joking. The point of this post was to get people to take me seriously. Shit.

Okay, forget everything I just said in the last two paragraphs. Including this one. No wait, not this one.

Better yet, forget everything I’ve said in this whole post. Yeah. Just treat me the way you would normally treat me, and it should be fine.

But for real, know when I’m being serious. And no joke, know when I’m being sarcastic. Seriously.


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