My Disappointment in Zach Braff

I have never met a celebrity. The most famous person I’ve met in my entire life is probably comedian Anthony Jeselnik; and still, most people have no clue who he is. The beautiful thing about social media sites, especially Twitter, is that normal people – including you* and me – have the opportunity to communicate casually with musicians, athletes, and that actor who was in that one movie we caught the end of on Showtime last week but forgot what it was called. This communication can consist of praise, fan questions, criticism, harassment, etc. Regardless, it feels amazing when a celebrity actually responds to you. At least, that’s what I’d assume…

I always hear stories from my friend about how she met John Stamos, or “Rick” from The Walking Dead, or how she saw Tom Hanks from a distance. My parents have stories about how they met Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, or how my mom physically ran into Al Pacino in the city, or how my dad sat next to Magic Johnson on a flight and walked off the plane with him.

I have no such stories.

My most recent brush with stardom actually wasn’t even my own personal experience. This story is about an experience my brother Jared had with Zach Braff (via Twitter).

Basically, Zach Braff posted a picture of where he was at a Mumford & Sons show, and Jared made fun of his inability to obtain a better spot in relation to the stage. Not too long after Jared’s dig on the sitcom Scrubs, this is what he saw on his computer screen:

Zach Braff blocks Jared on Twitter.

Zach Braff actually blocked my brother on Twitter. He BLOCKED my brother on TWITTER for a little JOKE about why he didn’t have front row seats at a MUMFORD & SONS concert. Talk about petty.

First of all, I was unaware you could even block someone on Twitter until this happened. I mean, I figured there was some type of privacy setting on the site, but I didn’t think people actually used the feature unless they were being stalked. (And since Emma Roberts hasn’t blocked me yet, Zach Braff’s actions seem even more petty.)

Next, I am in sheer disbelief that a celebrity like Zach Braff would block one of his fans on a social media site. Mr. Braff is frequently tweeting inappropriate things, constantly making ridiculous jokes via Twitter, and sometimes even tweeting at celebrities who are in the news (and who probably don’t share the same celeb-circle of friends as him). If anyone is fluent in sarcasm and has the ability to take a joke, I assume Zach Braff is that person. But perhaps I am wrong.

Most celebrities, especially comedians and comedic actors, will respond to some fan tweets with a joke of their own. Most will respond to insulting and inappropriate fan tweets with something even more insulting and inappropriate. So, needless to say, I am extremely disappointed in Mr. Braff’s lack of creativity, or lack of willingness to even attempt a comeback. Michael Ian Black would’ve made fun of Jared’s issues with premature ejaculation or whatever.

And seriously, JD? Mumford & Sons is great and all, but you should’ve been backstage or something.

Anyway, this whole experience puts stardom in perspective for me. I realize that celebrities are busy with their own stuff, but they must appreciate the fact that there are people out there who love what they do and want to communicate with them. Sure, sometimes these people will criticize your new movie or mediocre sitcom whose theme song was better than the actual show. But these people help you pay your bills, and they follow you on social media sites like Twitter because they want to hear what you have to say.

I’d hate to generalize all celebrities based on the guy who played Andrew in Garden State, but I truly hope that a majority of “famous” people appreciate the way some fans adore them. I also hope that if/when I begin to taste fame, I continue to recognize the people that helped me get there. I know for a fact that I’ll answer whatever insults you bastards throw at me via Twitter. And I know for a fact that I won’t be going to see Mumford & Sons anytime soon.

*This “you” only applies to you if you are not, in fact, a celebrity. If you are a celebrity, you should’ve stopped reading this awhile ago and just given me a job. Unless you are Zach Braff. He can’t even get decent seats at shows.


11 thoughts on “My Disappointment in Zach Braff

  1. He’s a no-talent douche.

    I keep trying to get Howard Stern to answer a tweet. So far I’ve only heard directly from Bababooey. But howard and his wife Beth favorited a tweet of mine, so there is that.

    I really don’t get twitter or use it much. But, agreeing with you, I do love that you can “interact” with celebs. it’s the only cool thing about it for me.

  2. I came to this site because I was linked towards it. Then I saw “Elmo was black…childhood ruined.” tweet on the feed to the right. sounds like you and your brother are douches that need a time out from twitter.

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  4. my son has just been blocked by zach braff and he was one of his greatest fans, he was bitterly disappointed and wont watch scrubs anymore. he didn’t even post anything bad.

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  6. Your brother is not friends with Zach and made a smart ass rude comment like that, and you are surprised he was blocked? If some random dick head I did not know said that to me, I would tell him to fuck off! In real life, if your brother said that to a random on the street, they would have punched your brother in nose for saying such a thing.

    You and your brother need to learn some manners, and how to speak with people properly. Zach is not your friend, and he is not your brothers friend. Stop trying to talk with these “people” as if they are your friend.

    Your brother basically belittled Zach’s life and work.

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